Ena Morley

Mindfulness Teacher

trained to teach mindfulness to children, young people and adults
I have spent the past 30 years working in the education sector – as a primary teacher, teacher educator, curriculum trainer and advisor, spending the last 10 years as principal of a large, urban DEIS Band 1 mainstream school. I am passionate about the importance of nurturing the wellbeing of everyone involved in care and educational contexts - children, young people, staff, parents and members of the wider school/college community.

As a school community, we introduced an integrated approach to promoting wellbeing in Saint Ultans through a variety of programmes including internationally accredited ‘Mindfulness’ curricula. Having taken early retirement, I am now in a position to use my training, to teach these accredited programmes and curricula (details below) in other schools, colleges and related organisations along with designing and delivering bespoke courses to suit all contexts.

Summary of MiSP (www.mindfulnessinschools.org) and Mindful Academy Accreditations