.b Foundations

(dot Be Foundations) is a mindfulness programme suitable for all school staff, parents and other adults involved in education
To bring mindfulness to children and young people it is necessary to begin with teachers, other school staff and all adults involved in the child’s educational journey. .bFoundations (8 x 90 min sessions – over 8 wks) enables staff to experience mindfulness and boost their own wellbeing through experiential group learning and discussion. Key attitudes and concepts are introduced visually and kinaesthetically. .b Foundations teachers are also trained in styles of delivery specific to a context in which colleagues and potentially line managers may be learning mindfulness together. A recent published study of the impact on 89 teachers showed significant reductions in stress and increases in wellbeing. This supports the wider evidence base for mindfulness with teachers and adults generally, as set out by Professor Katherine Weare.

Through the training participants should:

  • learn practical ways to feel calmer and more present in their work and communication
  • cultivate compassion for self and others
  • develop together as a ‘mindfulness staff group’
  • feel that their wellbeing is valued by their organisation
  • experience ‘in-person’ mindfulness teaching, offering a model for those who go on to teach children/ young people On completion of this course, along with a minimum of 6 month’s personal practice, participants are eligible to apply to train as a teacher of .b and Paws.b (below).
With the publication of ‘Well-Being in Primary Schools – Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion’, and ‘Well-Being in Post Primary Schools – Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention’ schools are now working on consolidating the good practices already in place in their schools and seeking out relevant CPD opportunities, programmes etc. that will build on and complement mental health and wellbeing strategies already in place and enhance the whole school approach.

To raise awareness and stimulate demand, the training includes a carefully crafted taster session.

.b Foundations is well suited to fit in with Croke Park hours. It can also be run during the school day and/or in the evenings to facilitate groups of parents and the wider school community.


Suitable Venue The course is generally run ‘on-site’, in the staffroom, a classroom or school hall. However, it is also acceptable should a school request and provide an alternative venue.

Cost and Materials

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CPD Certification
All participants who complete the course receive their certificate by email directly from the MiSP head office in the UK